To better represent the Caffeine 1-UP brand more effectively. They are a small gaming and coffee lounge that recently opened on Rideau Street in the Byward Market. In my professional opinion, the current logo is not fully expressing what the business – and therefore – the brand has to offer. 
The current logo for Caffeine 1UP.
Tee target age group are young adults aged 15 and higher. The age of 15 is notable as the place does not restrict access to minors at night unlike competitors.
As for income, Caffeine 1UP serves the middle class & students. Admission is only $5 and allows clients to try games that they may not be accessible to them otherwise. For that reason low income users would also be a targeted demographic.
A key thing to remember with Caffeine 1UP is that they don’t serve alcohol-instead the serve the kinds of people going in groups are looking to relax with some games and sip coffee. 
The leaderboards and activities also let clients come in individually who want to try and beat that week’s high score and maybe take home the prize. 
The different pastries and snacks available also encourage users to try different items and stay longer.
The Blurry Pixel, House of Targ, and Level Up. All three of these venues offer alcohol and serve bar food, and attract a different audience than that at Caffeine 1UP. Because of this, the Caffeine 1UP logo design should distinguish them by displaying a more playful and fun in terms of design.
Coffee and games. These are the two major selling points of Caffeine 1UP. Patrons can sit down to sip coffee while enjoying some classic to modern games. 
Meet Caffi, the new Caffeine 1UP logo and mascot. Caffi was designed to personify the feelings through the state of his emoji-like eyes. His different states can be branded on merchandise, creating a line of products that can boost sales and increase brand awareness.
Just a few of Caffi's various states.
Neutra and Chippewa Falls back up the logo in two ways. Neutra is a blocky, professional typeface, but retains a fun look with it’s low x-height. Chippewa Falls compliments the coffee-shop chalkboard vibe. These two pairings embody the two key selling points of Caffeine 1UP: Coffee and Games.
The number one on the wordmark portion of the logo has been transformed with a pixel like effect, further reinforcing the fact that the cafe is related to gaming. Pedestrians passing by will be able to quickly see the cafe is related to gaming because of this, without even having to read the “Coffee and game lounge” subtitle.
The green Pantone colour references the traditional 1UP mushroom from Super Mario Bros, as is also used partially in the current logo. The 1UP gives the player an additional life, much like how the coffee reinvigorates the player as they enjoy the wide variety of games available.
Some examples of brand application.
Iconography created to be used in communications materials.
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